UK Food Delivery Call – Interest Form

Thursday, May 16th, 11:00am EDT

We are hosting a discussion on the UK food delivery industry with Hugo Soul, who served as Commercial Director at Deliveroo from Oct 2021 to Jan 2023. He was a member of Deliveroo's UK leadership team. During his tenure, Mr. Soul led a team responsible for commercial partnerships and business development with Deliveroo’s most complex and strategic partners. He grew Deliveroo's market position, commercial relationships, and performance through high-touch partnership development. Mr. Soul can provide insight and opinion on the industry’s competitive dynamics, relative strength of different players and business models, path to profitability (growth & profit levers, efficiency initiatives), grocery vs restaurant vs retail focus (and demise of rapid commerce brands such as Getir or Gorillas), and ancillary revenue drivers (subscriptions, advertising, white label). He can also share his view on how these drivers apply to European and APAC markets.