Q4 HubSpot, Klaviyo and Digital Marketing Call with Platinum Partner (CRM, HUBS, KVYO) – Interest Form

On December 13th at 11:00 a.m. ET we are hosting a follow-up call with Mattan Danino, founder and CEO of WEBITMD, a 15-year old growth marketing and sales enablement agency that is a HubSpot Platinum Partner and more recently a Klaviyo Partner. On our call Mr. Danino will discuss recent trends for HubSpot and Klaviyo, updates to HubSpot’s offering and pricing vs. other CRMs, including Salesforce (CRM). He can discuss HubSpot’s ability to move up market, the general health of the SMB market, and the driving force behind his recent decision to certify as a Klaviyo partner. Mr. Danino will also provide an update on recent HubSpot product releases including AI efforts. He is generally an expert on marketing automation, SaaS CRM implementation, and paid media e-commerce.

    Please note any time restrictions or meeting preferences here.