Mattress Call with EVP & CFO of Sit ‘n Sleep – Interest Form

Friday, February 2nd, 11:00am EST

We are hosting a call on the mattress industry with Sergio Palad III who is EVP & CFO at Sit ‘n Sleep, a Greater Los Angeles independent mattress retailer with 35 stores across S. California. Mr. Palad has worked for privately held Sit ‘n Sleep since 2016. Prior to joining the company, he was CFO of MNX Global Logistics in Irvine, CA.

Mr. Palad can provide opinion and commentary on the U.S. mattress retail environment post COVID, including major developments such as M&A including the proposed acquisition of Mattress Firm by Tempur Sealy (TPX).

We invite you to join our conversation with Mr. Palad and feel free to send us your questions for the call ahead of time.