CTV Advertising Q3 Call with Andrew Mclean, Managing Partner of Inventus Media – Interest Form

On September 19th, 2023 we are hosting our second CTV Advertising call with Andrew Mclean, Managing Partner of Inventus Media. During our call Andrew will discuss major changes in the CTV advertising industry including CTV ad spend, Linear TV rating declines, recent trends and modeled forecasts for each platform including Hulu, YoutubeTV, Roku, Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, Peacock and Amazon. He will also provide an update on impacts from the writer’s strike, AVOD products from Amazon, Disney+ and Netflix, demand for sports content, third party DSP’s, when he expects Hulu content on Disney+ among other topics.

Click here to access the note from our call with Andrew from June 2023: CTV Advertising Call Notes from 06-14-2023

Bio: Andrew Mclean is Managing Partner of Inventus Media Partners, a business he founded in May 2012. Inventus Media is an independent media agency with oversight on over $850m in billings across digital and linear media with 50% Linear media (including TV and Streaming) and 50% Digital of which Google, Meta, Amazon, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok are the largest. He can discuss the main players in Digital and TV advertising, how it is sold, revenues and relationships across channels and platforms. He can discuss ROI and impact of inter & intra media buyers. He has tracked media spend for over 10 years developing a predictive spend model based on regression analysis. Inventus uses many ad tech solutions including Trade Desk, Magnite LiveRamp and many others. Inventus Media has clients in a broad range of categories including CPG, Automotive, Pharma, Retail, ECOM, Financial Services, Health and wellness, Entertainment and Home Improvement.

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