Auto Parts Supplier Discussion with (AAP, ORLY)

We are hosting a call with Thomas Paulson, Director of Research and Business Development for, to discuss trends for Auto Parts Suppliers, specifically Advance Auto Parts and O’Reilly Automotive. provides customers with location analytics including visit trends, trade areas, demographics with a world class mobile analytics platform. On our call, we will be discussing’s analysis of Q2 2023 comps for Advance Auto and O’Reilly Automotive and time series for the previous three quarters. 

To provide a more expansive view of’s insight Mr. Paulson will also provide insights on trends for off-price, telecom (retail and its impact on subs #s), and theme parks. Following our call, we are happy to connect you with to learn about their offering in more detail.

At a recent Consumer Investor Idea Event two separate investors discussed an AAP Long Idea based on a significant restructuring of the business and an ORLY Long Idea based on store investment and refresh.

    Please note any time restrictions or meeting preferences here.